• Complete wear part manufacturing
  • Prototype development
  • Oxy-Acetylene and robotic tungsten carbide hardfacing: short and long production runs
  • Straight heat treating and carburizing
  • Wear part metallurgy and engineering design assistance
  • Warehousing and shipment of wear parts to our customer’s dealers distributors and consumers

Carlson expertise developed the knives

Carlson expertise developed the knives used in the forage harvesters marketed world wide by a major manufacturer of farm equipment.  Carlson knives substantially outperform the knives this company used previously and those used by competitors and gives the OEM an edge in new equipment sales.

The Carlson proprietary process that deposited the tungsten carbide on OEM hammermill hammers grinding everything from aquatic feed in Alabama to zinc dross in Zimbabwe produces wear surfaces that are unequalled in durability and longevity. The superior performance of Carlson hammers allows the OEM to maintain a substantial market share in the replacement hammer business despite fierce aftermarket competition.


Carlson’s years of experience came through for a manufacturer of large rod mills used for grinding minerals. This OEM was looking for a way to increase rod life and all previous attempts had failed for a variety of reasons. Carlson developed an entirely new process along with the required process equipment to tungsten carbide hardface the 14’ long, 600 lb rods. The finished rods have a surface hardness of up to 94 Rockwell C and have more than double the life of the rods they replaced.

Carlson Industries manufacturers over 1,000 different types of knives and cutters that are used in everything from wood chippers to soil conditioners. More than 20 years ago Carlson pioneered the concept of the self-sharpening cutters used in sod harvesters and earth boring augers. Carlson manufactures paddles and blades for many types of mixers and blenders mixing everything from bituminous paving to concrete to silica sand to fly ash.  One of our specialty areas is the manufacture of abrasion resistant wear liners for the screw presses used in the vegetable oils and rendering industries and the shredding and crushing equipment used the recycling industry.

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